I Use Simple Formula..

Attaract – Capture – Nurture – Convert – Expand 🙂

Grow your list based on customer interest! And This is what lifecycle marketing do…

LifeCycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing is a sales and marketing framework designed to help small businesses attract customers, grow sales and maximize customer value.

We use the Lifecycle Marketing blueprint as a proven system to look at various aspects of your business. Utilizing this map makes it quick and easy to identify what works well in your business, and what doesn’t.

We’ll identify gaping holes, time wasters and lost opportunities in your current business setup – where are you leaving money on the table?

We’ll also identify great – and sometimes hidden – opportunities to utilize the power of marketing automation software to turn your business into a nicely lubricated money making machine. Here

all-in-one CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation Solution

Helping Hundreds of small businesses succeed since 2012

Software I’m Using For Automation



We help SME businesses with creative content
marketing so they can develop a more meaningful
relationship with their customers.

Things I’m Doing Regularly For My Client

My Speciality

I work with clients to free them up so they can work on their business more strategically. I guide the content strategy, write the content then build an awesome marketing automation system that communicates with leads and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I have four ways we work with clients:

Attract, Grow , Engage and Sales

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